Saturday, July 3, 2010

took the week off/playlist catch-up

I want to thank Will Kuhlman -- longtime Breakfast of Champions champ and unsung all-purpose behind-the-scenes tech hero at WMBR -- for covering my show yesterday afternoon. I got to tune in to much of it as Becky and I shot south on 128/24 towards Newport for some low-key quality time with my family. Since my plea for a sub was so last minute, I was hoping for nothing more than something that wasn't dead air; when Will said he would do it, I knew it was in good hands, AND he decided to stick to the local theme. The dubiously authorized return of Somerville Speakout was a nice bonus feature. I await feedback from Patrick Bryant's PDX law office.

Not sure if Will is going to post a playlist or not, but in the meantime you can get a streaming archive for the next two weeks if you want to listen to the show by clicking this link for the 7/3/10 edition of The Hidden Capital.

As for my own playlists, I am still in catch-up mode, but I just posted (see below) playlists for two of the three most recent shows I did (6/12 and 6/19). The playlist for 6/26 is coming soon; the streaming archive for that one is available here for just about another week: link.

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